Bachelor of Business Administration (HR)

The Dominion’s School of Business offers a 4-year degree programme leading to Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Human Resources Management. This degree focuses on the tasks of managing organisation’s human capital as the key factor for competitive advantage in our fast-paced knowledge economy. The programme covers general management theory, marketing and business decision-making.

In this programme, students gain a solid foundation in functional and strategic HR Management professional practice, with an emphasis on leadership, particularly the strategic role HR practitioners’ play in leading and influencing organizational change. This enables our graduates to develop effective skills for leveraging the ‘people’ advantage to deliver value to employer, employees, customers and investors alike.

This programme aims to provide a broad education and training in modern business profile, suitable for a wide range of students in key areas of business management and other allied disciplines. This is to enable students gain tools for critical reflection and competence to use their acquired knowledge as facilitators of commercial enterprise and economic growth and development.

Goal & Objectives:
To produce skilled persons in the field of business administration for employment in both public and private sectors of the economy, and other organisations where such skills and disciplines are required.
Students are therefore exposed to courses that will equip them with the knowledge, understanding and skills for employing reflective and objective critical thinking in their fields of endeavour in order to contribute meaningfully in creating value for organisations, and become citizens capable of functioning in a highly complex, interdependent global society. Students will gain practical knowledge, understanding and analytical skills in the core areas of human resources management, economics, accounting, finance, research and forecasting, critical thinking in their reading, researching, writing, reporting and speaking, analysis and application of theories and practices of sound business traditions and principles, skills in numeracy
IT, communications and problem solving, and the importance of the life-long pursuit of truth, acceptance of individual responsibility which will prepare students for higher research, academic and professional pursuits.


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