Bachelor of Science (Computer Science with Management)

Bachelor of Science (Computer Science with Management)

The growing development in inoformation and communication technologies such as internet banking, e-commerce and online shopping have had significant impact and transformed the way modern business is conducted. The effect is that in our modern business world, there is an increasing real demand for computer scientists who have a thorough and clear understanding of the underlying principless of managing business and people.

The BSc in Computer Science and Management prepares students for both the technical side of computing and for careers in management related to IT. The programme offers students a detailed understanding of the underlying principles of both computer science and business management, and exposed them to how these principles work in real business world. Students develop high levels of competence and demonstrate skill in computing such as programming and a greater appreciation of the context in which information technology is applied


This programme will equip students with advanced skills in information technology, and an understanding of how these can be applied to the challenges of management in a modern organisation. This programme will therefore provide its graduates with a strong, broad-based education in computing as a scientific and technological discipline with thorough functional understanding of management principles and functions in an organisation. This programme therefore allows students to develop a functional background across a wide range of topics in both Computer Science and management principles.

Goal & Objectives:

To enable students to become knowledgeable in the efficient use of information technology in the modern world of business and commerce. At the end of the student’s course of study, s/he will be able to use the knowledge and understanding gained to make sound arguments and analyse texts to answer questions which are of fundamental human concern.

Students will also gain an appreciation of the foundations of computation, an understanding of the structure of programming languages and the skills to put these concepts and technologies into practice.

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