Background Information

 Dominion University College (DUC) is an autonomous private tertiary institution sponsored by Action Chapel International (ACI) formerly known as Christian Action Faith Ministries International (CAFM), a Christian organisation that has trained many renowned Christian leaders serving in Ghana and abroad for over thirty years.

 ACI has conceived DUC as an effective avenue for its continued contribution to Ghana’s sociol-economic development. DUC is established to set a distinctive path for educational excellence in Ghana. Although grounded in Judeo-Christian religious principles within the African context, DUC is open to students of all race and creed.

ACI firmly believes that morality lies at the base of sound tertiary education. To this end, DUC is established to provide a career-focused training, instruction and research based on sound ethical and moral principles. This makes DUC a paragon of  excellence in tertiary education and professional training.
The primary goal of DUC is to provide quality education, and to become a first choice of university for students, parents and faculty both locally and internationally.


DUC also aspires to be a leading centre of academic excellence recognised not only in Ghana, but across Africa and the World. Towards this objective, DUC will pursue four principal strategic directions:

(a) Quality Education;
(b) Superb Student Experience;
(c) Financial Stewardship; and
(d) Social Responsibility.

Indeed, DUC will channel much effort and resources into building a Christian university characterised by excellence in all related experiences, with its graduates identified with virtues such as integrity and honesty in their professional life. Students can expect the best of everything in their learning environment at DUC.


Strategic Objectives of Dominion University College

The Dominion University College seeks to become a centre of excellence in teaching and scholarly research with global renown. The general vision, mission and values of the University College are Excellence, Integrity, Character and Competence.

The general vision, mission and values of the University College are:

(i) Vision:

The vision of the University College is to produce graduates of character, integrity and workplace competence for emerging economies.

(ii) Mission Statement:

To advance learning and knowledge by teaching, research, knowledge transfer, imparting Christian ethics and producing leaders of integrity 
The mission is to be achieved through:
(a) Innovative Curricula;
(b) Excellent Teaching and Research;
(c) Superior Student Experiences; and
(d) Industry Collaboration.

We accomplish this mission by:
(a) Fostering a fulfilling students experience within a conducive educational environment by constantly seeking alternative and innovate ways of meeting the needs of employers.
(b) Motivating its lecturers and administrative staff to be responsive to the changing development needs of the Ghanaian, African and global economy.

(c) Providing bridging courses that would enable employees improve as well as acquire new skills.
(d) Establishing collaborations with industry, governmental institutions as well as networking with other educational institutions to advance economic development.

(e) Offering programmes with the view of creating opportunities for mature students to pursue higher learning.
(f) Anticipating and preparing to meet global challenges by continually assessing and prioritising our programmes and services to meet developmental needs.

(g) Offering consultancy services to industry and government institutions.
 (iii) Values
In pursuit of its principal strategic directions, DUC upholds as its fundamental values the human dignity as image-bearers of God and basic human rights of all person within a free, open and democratic society.
 In line with the aforesaid, the Governing Council, Administrators, Faculty and Staff of DUC subscribe to the following:

(a) Ethics and Morality – We define and uphold the principles of all virtues that are not inconsistent with ethical principles to guide all relationships among the senior members, senior and junior staff, students and other agents of DUC as a way of promoting harmonious relations between the University College and its stakeholders;

(b) Quality and Excellence – We are committed to upholding the highest possible standards in teaching, learning, research and development of the holistic positive potential of all persons, so as to place DUC among the ranks of renowned tertiary institutions in the world.

(c) Equity – Notwithstanding our Christian roots, we are committed to offering equitable and impartial opportunities for participation of all persons in our programmes regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, creed etc.

(d) Social Responsibility – We are not only committed to offering services that are perceived to be socially responsible among our community, but also to produce students to be worthy and responsible citizens


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