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Welcome to a great place to be trained and inspired for success.

We are driven by the conviction that anyone can become extraordinary when challenged and supported. Our job, therefore, is to train, inspire, challenge, and support our students to become responsible and extraordinary citizens.

If that’s your dream, then Dominion must be your first choice. Dominion University College is a renowned modern, supportive, and multinational higher education institution (HEI) accredited by the National Accreditation Board (NAB) to provide technical, vocational, undergraduate, and postgraduate courses, and research. We are also members of the Council for Independent Universities (CIU) and the Association of African Universities (AAU). These endorse our national and Africa wide recognition and prestige.

Dominion came into existence in 2009 with a mission to produce visionary and extraordinary leaders and scholars in diverse academic and professional fields who would explore and exploit the potential of nature to accelerate the transformation of Africa for the better. As an institution, we strive to occupy and maintain a preeminent position among African universities by producing graduates who go on to positively impact lives, organizations, and society. 

This mission and vision are pursued through the provision of higher national diploma (HND), undergraduate, and postgraduate courses along with a commitment for research, discovery, and innovations of the highest international quality and industry-relevance delivered in a congenial environment. Our lecturers are experts in their fields, so you can be confident of a deep and insightful education.

Dominion is differentiated not just by what we do, but also, most importantly, by how we do them, constantly evolving, adopting best international practices and adapting to new needs and situations. Our students are constantly kept in mind in whatever we do in order to offer them the best educational experience even as they develop the competencies that are critical to their career success.

In keeping with our mission and aspirations we commit to developing in our staff, academics, and students, ingenuity, drive, and a craving for new ideas that will best serve the nations of Africa and the 21st century world. 

We create opportunities for our learners to make new friends and interact frequently with industry leaders and practitioners to provide practical applications of in class ideas. This we do through exclusive events, invitation of guest speakers, placements, and support for student volunteering works and many more.

We operate within an ethical framework driven by our corporate values of integrity, character, and professionalism.