Memo confirming online teaching and learning

Management hereby announce to the Dominion Community following its memo dated 19th March 2020 that the online teaching and learning alternative has been confirmed.

The Faculty, Staff and Class Representatives’ training sessions were successful hence we wish to announce the confirmation of 30th March 2020 as commencement for the online teaching and learning.

All Lecturers, Support Staff and students are to note that, the current published time-table for 2019/2020 Academic year will still be used for the respective courses.

Please contact the Registrar, the programme coordinator and the IT technical support team for further enquiries and assistance.

Students may contact their various class representatives and the SRC for further assistance and inquiries.

Stay Blessed and Strong


  1. Please is your university for both Muslims and Christians or for Christians only due to the fact that the school is a church school. Thanks

    1. Dominion University is a christian university that accepts everyone regardless of your background. They are currently a lot of muslim students and lecturers here. But kindly note that Dominion University is not a church school. It is just like any other private university college, it was founded by the church but it is an independent university now and has nothing to do with the Church. Thank you.

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