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A degree in Missional Leadership is the basis for a wide range of Christian service careers including roles as Pastors, Mission Directors, Chaplains, and Church Planters (Local and International). Our course prepares students with a firm understanding of the important principles of the study of theology as well as Cultural anthropology and Missions, Cross-Cultural Communication, Contemporary Issues in Mission, the Gospel in the midst of Cultures etc., and their practical application in the field of Mission.

Course Content

You will develop a thorough understanding in the fundamentals of Christian theology and the nuances of Christian Mission. Your foundation skills will be complemented with knowledge and practical skills in church planting as well as providing leadership in the Mission field. After your second year, you will have the opportunity to select Mission related courses that would deepen your appreciation of Christian Mission, in preparation for field work. The following are some fascinating courses taught at different levels.

The Bachelor of Arts Degree in Missional Leadership has a minimum credit required for successful completion of  120 credits over 8 semesters of sixteen weeks duration. The following are the modules you will study for the four years;

Year 1

  1. Spiritual Formation
  2. Introduction to Pentecostalism
  3. English for Academic Purposes
  4. French for communication
  5. Logic and Critical Thinking
  6. Principles of Social Behaviour

Year 2

  1. Philosophy of Religion
  2. Systematic Theology
  3. Church History
  4. Hermeneutics
  5. New Testament Greek
  6. Homiletics
  7. Sociology of Religion

Year 3

  1. Theology of Missions
  2. Introduction to World Religions
  3. New Religious Movements
  4. Cultural Anthropology and Missions
  5. African Christian Theology
  6. Biblical Philosophy of Leadership

Year 4

  1. Church Growth
  2. Cross-Cultural Communication
  3. Comparative Study of Religion
  4. Leadership in Missional Church Context
  5. Contemporary Issues in Missions
  6. Project work

Entry Requirements

Dominion University College adopts a flexile admission approach and we accept applications from individuals with a wide range of qualifications. We also welcome mature applicants with no or less formal qualifications. Our admission requirements are categorized to include;

  • West African Examinations Council (WAEC) Examinations

These are the standard nationally recognized examinations for academic progression into tertiary educational institutions in Ghana.

i. Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (SSSCE)

Compulsory Subjects – Grade D or better in three (3) core subjects, including English, Mathematics (Core) and Social Studies or Integrated Science and three Elective Subjects including Elective Mathematics with a minimum of  Grade D.

ii.West Africa Senior School Certificate Examination(WASSCE)

Compulsory Subjects – Grade C6 or better in three (3) core subjects, including English, Mathematics (Core) and Social Studies or Integrated Science and three Elective Subjects including Elective Mathematics with a minimum of   Grade C6.

iii. General Certificate of   Education (GCE) Advanced Level

Passes in three (3) subjects (at least, one of   the passes should be Grade D or better).  Also, the applicant must have had credit passes (Grade 6) in five GCE Ordinary Level subjects including English, Mathematics and a Science subject (for non-science students) and an Arts subject for Science students.

iv. Advanced Business Certificate Examination (ABCE)

Passes in three (3) subjects (at least, one of the passes should be Grade D or better).Also, the applicant must have credit passes in five (5) subjects including English Language, Mathematics, Integrated Science or Social Studies in General Business Examination (GBCE).

  • Mature Students’ Entry

The mature students’ entry requires applicants to;

  1. Must be at least 25 years old;
  2. show proof of age with birth certificate
  3. provide introductory letter from employer or show any other proof of employment;
  4. Pass the Mature Students’ Entrance Examinations conducted by the Dominion University. The examination covers English Language, Mathematics and an Aptitude Test. In lieu of this examination, the applicant should have proof of credit passes in English and Mathematics in any of the nationally recognized examinations (WAEC Examinations).
  • Foreign Qualifications

All foreign qualifications are referred to the National Accreditation Board (NAB) for determination of   equivalences and eligibility for admission to tertiary institutions in Ghana (National Accreditation Board Act, 2007 [Act 744 (2(2b)]).

Note: American SAT, TOEFL etc cannot in themselves be accepted as entry qualifications into a Ghanaian tertiary institutions.

  • Higher National Diploma (HND) Qualifications

An HND holder applicant must have at least have a second-class (Lower Division) certificate to qualify to enrol of this programme. He/she must have at least 2 years post HND working experience. Other Diploma qualifications with equivalence of HND may be considered.

NB: Dominion University’s entry qualifications for HND are requirements, which follows the requirement of its Mentoring University.

  • Professional and Other Entry Qualifications

Entry into the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with professional certificates and any other qualifications beyond the ones specified above are treated on individual cases, where such certificates are referred to the National Accreditation Board for the establishment of   their equivalences, to determine their eligibility for admission into the programme.


Fees & Payment


Full-Time | Regular 4 years  1,535.00
Weekend  4 years  1,535.00




NB: All fees are stated per semesterly


Full-Time | Regular 4 years  1,805.00
Weekend  4 years  1,805.00





NB: All fees are stated per semesterly


Our Bachelor of Arts  in Missional Leadership  is a four (4) year degree programme.

For holders of Higher National Diploma (HND) in  any  related course who wishes to top-up will pursue the BA Missional Leadership  for a duration of two (2) years. Where the HND is in a different course, the duration of study will be three (3) years.

For holders of Ordinary Diploma (Diploma) in Missional Leadership or any related courses who wishes to top-up will pursue the BA Missional Leadership for a duration of three (3) years.


Career Opportunities

After your degree in Missional Leadership, below are some of the career opportunities available to you;

  1. Executive Pastor
  2. Church Planter
  3. Pastor of Missions
  4. Urban Ministers or Parachurch Leader
  5. Community Development Worker
  6. Business Manager