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The Business Administration pathway enables you to shape your future towards your career in business management. You also build the essential knowledge and expertise required in the management and administration of organisations as well as the operational functions of companies.

At Dominion University College, Our HND Business Administration has its pathway towards degree in Human Resource Management with further advancement in Mastering in Human Resource Management.

Course Content

The programme ensures that at the end of the 3-year duration of study, students will develop high-level administrative and managerial skills in order to handle and adapt to major changes in the world of business, be able to apply the management functions of planning, organising, leading and controlling in their assigned tasks and develop entrepreneurial skills.

To complete the HND Business Administration, you are required to undertake all the modules  for the three year period and a minimum of 90 credits in order to successfully graduate. The modules or course content for the programme are as follows;

Year 1

  1. Communication Skills I, II
  2. Computer Fundamentals
  3. Microeconomics
  4. Business Mathematics
  5. African Studies
  6. Principles of Accounting
  7. Principles of Management
  8. Macroeconomics
  9. Introduction to Business Law
  10. Fundamentals of Marketing
  11. Business Statistics

Year 2

  1. Entrepreneurship Development
  2. Office Management
  3. Law of Tort
  4. Personality Development
  5. Management and Organisational Behaviour
  6. E-Business
  7. Management of New & Small Enterprises
  8. Human Relations
  9. Research Methods
  10. Business Ethics & Values
  11. Management Information System
  12. Marketing Management

Year 3

  1. Strategic Management
  2. Project Work
  3. Managerial Economics
  4. Records Management
  5. Company Law & Practice
  6. Human Resource Management
  7. Project Management
  8. Risk Management
  9. International Business Management

Entry Requirements

Dominion University College adopts a flexile admission approach and we accept applications from individuals with a wide range of qualifications. For admission unto the HND Business Administration, applicants must have six passes from (A1 to D7), passes in three core subjects including core mathematics and English language and any three passes in your electives.

Kindly note that passes required translates further that, you qualify for HND if your six passes contain a D7 only.

Fees & Payment


Full-Time | Regular 3 years  1,570.00
Weekend  3 years  1,570.00





NB: All fees are stated per semesterly


Full-Time | Regular 3 years  1,820.00
Weekend  3 years  1,820.00





NB: All fees are stated per semesterly


The Higher National Diploma in Business Administration is a three (3) year programme.

Our HND Business Administration at Dominion is a pathway to degree in Human Resource Management (HRM). After the three (3) year HND, you will be given the opportunity to upgrade (Top-up) to degree in HRM for a duration of two (2). years.

In sum, the HND Business Administration pathway to degree is five (5) years including National Service of one (1) year.

Career Opportunities

After completing your HND Business Administration only, students will have diverse career prospects in areas such as marketing, advertising, project management, administration, human resource, research and team supervisor among others depending on your interest.