What Makes An Excellent Student?

In school, everyone receives an education, but not every single student is considered a good student. Students are scrutinized from different perspectives by teachers as well as other staff. In general, a very good student is a person who respects everyone, follows the rules, and is keen to learn. To be successful in life, a student must always strive to be an excellent student.

An excellent student is not necessarily the one stationed at the top of the mound with a high IQ. An excellent student is one who has many positive qualities and the necessary skills to display them.

Let’s dive into some of the qualities that good students need:



Discipline is an indispensable element in any student’s life. This quality helps them manage their work, maintain a regular schedule, and manage their time well.



Students must be determined to study or do any assigned work. One must be willing to work hard to achieve any goals that have been set. Diligence is a quality that keeps students consistent and eliminates procrastination.



Time is money; therefore valuable. Being on time is not an easy task, but those who master this trait will succeed in their lives. Getting to class, and completing assignments and other activities on schedule helps students save precious time and invest that saved time into productive activities.



Showing respect to teachers, school staff, and other students is the mark of a good student. Being modest and well-mannered individuals project a sense of class and builds better societies in general. Such people are respected and loved by everyone.



A good student is one who can work in groups, motivate others, and produce useful results. Positive, helpful, cooperative, and friendly are all characteristics of a good student. These students become great players and team leaders as they grow up.



This quality shows that the student is capable of doing things and that the student believes in his or her abilities. Having a distinct voice from the crowd without hesitation is the mark of a good student and a future leader.


Being Responsible

Being responsible is an important quality that a good student must possess. This shows that students can be given any job and will do it without fail. To be responsible, a student should keep their promises and honour the commitments that they have made.



These are some of the qualities of a good student. At Dominion University, our goal is not only to educate students but also to produce good students who can develop winning personalities. Students are trained under the guidance of their mentor. The instructors only aim to inculcate all the right habits and character traits in the students.

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