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As part of our mandate to offer the best opportunities for the successes of our students in the real world of work, Dominion launched the Employability Skills Programme (ESP) as a mandatory side-tracking programme for our students. Practitioners of the corporate world aid students to develop the sought-after and requisite soft skills that will complement their academic gain in the University College.

This programme looks beyond academics to aid graduates to fit in the world that awaits them. The various models of the programme are as follows:

1.Communication for Professional Success
2. Teamwork
3. Problem Solving Skills
4. Initiative and Enterprise Skills
5. Planning & Organizational Skills
6. Learning Skills
7. Technology Skills
8. Self-Management Skills

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DUC convert passion into skills.

It's ability to convert passion into skills and competence that drives you into your purpose.

Bright Benjamin Okyere


God bless DUC!

I had my degree here and I’m so proud of myself for my achievement. God bless DUC!

Lerbny Nana Kwame Frederick


Great Lecturers

Lecturers go the extra mile.

Gifty Ama Arthur


DUC is the best

Dominion is the best place to study! I luv DUC.

Solomon Benaiah Kadiri


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